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Chinese medicine is based on thousands of years of tradition. 
Acupuncture promotes better circulation throughout the body.
This improves the body's functions and natural healing process by giving the body more of what it needs.



Jordan Burk is a native Kentuckian. He is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. He received his bachelors degree in Health Science from Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY before moving to Colorado in August, 2012 to study for his Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. The Masters program included over 1000 hours of clinical experience and over 3000 hours of classroom studies. As a lifelong athlete and health advocate, Jordan understands wanting to feel better and healthier. Jordan’s passion to help his community came from working at Operation Care in Shelbyville, KY where he helped run the soup kitchen downstairs and thrift store upstairs. As Jordan became older he thought he wanted to practice Physical Therapy or Athletic Training but he wasn’t in love with either. After keeping an open mind Jordan was introduced to acupuncture by his father who was getting acupuncture for his back pain. It was from this moment on that Jordan never looked back. Jordan knew that he would be able to help people with Chinese Medicine and share tools that will help them achieve a higher quality of life in a natural, balanced way.


403 Third St. Shelbyville, KY 40065

*Parking lot on LEFT side of the house*

(502) 437-4613

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